Our story

In 2015 Eik met Petra while selling a pair of shoes. He shared his idea about a Lifewheel tool to help more people create a meaningful life.

That turned into a long partnership developing the way we could get Lifewheel into your hands. Through prototyping and testing multiple versions of the book, we decided on the physical journal.

To keep you offline and in the present moment while you reflect. To utilise the connection that happens when we write with our hands. And to get you started right now.

How Lifewheel helped us

Eik always struggled with creating structure and being unorganised. He never found a system that worked to capture all of his thoughts and needs, while staying aligned with his values. In 2010, he stumbled upon the

Lifewheel circle in a book by accident, and it immediately appealed to him because it considered all aspects of life as a whole. He started scribbling the wheel on the back of an old receipt, and later he added a daily to do list, using the same categories as the Lifewheel. This gave him the structure and balance that he needed to increase happiness and move his business to the next level. Being a successful entrepreneur, people started asking him about the secret, so after selling his latest venture, he decided it was time to share
Lifewheel with the world.

Through using the Lifewheel system, back then on loose sheets of paper, Petra learned how not to go into the pool of self pity when she experienced resistance in one part of her life. It became a way to gain a new perspective and appreciation for all the areas that were going great. It taught her about what gives her energy and what she needs to cut out of her life to live with intention and authenticity. In 2017 She quit her job in Canada and moved back to Copenhagen to bring Lifewheel to fruition and support women on their
journey of self love.

Eik Braun Ottesen

Serial entrepreneur with 20+ years experience
in business developement and entrepreneurial
endavours. From Los Angeles and New York to
Aarhus. Dog lover, yogi, waterlover and life + business coach.


“I hope Lifewheel can help you the way it
helped me, get things done in a proactive and
mindful way while maintaining balance”

Petra Maagensen
Design lead

7+ years designing and creating products and services. From playgrounds to UX, through New York, Colombia and Canada to Copenhagen. Mermaid by heart, play fight enthusiast, treehugger and body love coach.


“I hope Lifewheel can help you keep perspective on all the good things you do have, when you experience pushback.”

Lifewheel helped us connect deeper to ourselves, continuosly check in with our needs and to create a
joyful life we want to live. Now we want to share the simple tool that has helped us so tremendously, with you.