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Lifewheel journal – for a better day

You are the master of your life and get to decide how the story unfolds. Which areas of your life are actually stressing you? Which areas are balanced and bring you joy? And where can you change things today to gain more energy, joy and fulfillment?

Lifewheel Journal will help you reflect systematiccally to gain a new perspective, and help you answer these questions.

Our story

Lifewheel helped us understand ourselves better. For Petra it was learning how to jump over the pity pool party and move out of a negative rut, to focus on creating change.

For Eik it was about finding balance and structure in a chaotic entrepreneurial life, and continuously check in with daily needs and how they change as we change.

Now we want to share Lifewheel with you, so you can live a life with intention through reflection and taking action.


The Lifewheel system

The Lifewheel circle represent a full life. It consists of eight categories that represents the different areas that are important for us as human beings to thrive. Through focused reflection within one category at a time, it gets easier to see where needs aren’t being fulfilled and where to take action.

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Reflect & rate

Take a moment to reflect “how
do you feel” within each
category, and rate it from 1-5.

Set actions

Set attainable actions that will
help you relieve stress or
increase satisfaction within
each category.

Weekly review

What made you happy and
unhappy in each category?
Become more aware of what
needs to change.

“One day or day one – you decide”

Try Lifewheel today

Not sure if lifewheel is for you? Get a printable pdf of the daily and weekly sheets, and try it out at home. This PDF also includes an initial assessment to help you find your starting point. Enter your details below and we’ll send it your way.

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