You belong here with us
What is a Lifewheel

Lifewheel users connect with one another through purposeful sharing to better their lives in a fun, engaging way.

We are introducing this concept of crowdcoaching — which allows for insight, information, and inspiration to be garnered from a crowd. It is circular, holistic, and open to all.

Each user will fill out his or her own private “Lifewheel”, an established life-mapping tool used by psychologists, life coaches, businesses, and institutions of higher education to assess and monitor personal development and growth.

Then, harnessing the power of Lifewheel’s unique background engine, the site will filter and display the inspiration you need most — all seamlessly and organically. Not only can you monitor your own awareness and growth using this persuasive visual tool, but you can become an active participant in sharing inspiration with a network of friends, or the world at large, and vice versa.

Purposeful sharing. From all of us to you.